The week that was: Most read stories on Press Gazette 18-24 January

1David Walsh: 'It was obvious to me Lance Armstrong was doping'

Sunday Times chief sports writer David Tells Walsh tells Press Gazette about his 13-year crusade to expose drugs cheat Lance Armstrong.

“I know that when I’m on my deathbed and somebody asks: did you ever do anything as a journalist you were proud of, I would say only one thing: ‘Lance Armstrong’.”

Paul Kimmage accuses Bradley Wiggins of 'attacking the messenger'

Ex-Sunday Times sports reporter Paul Kimmage accused cyclist Bradley Wiggins of attacking the messenger after the Tour de France winner said he had been “eaten up” by his interest in the Lance Armstrong saga.

"Oh, last thing Bradley, if you would like to address those issues in an interview, I'd be more than happy to sit down with you."

Sacked, arrested and locked up: '14 months of hell' for Barnsley sports editor over mileage claims

A journalist who spent 25 years working for the Barnsley Chronicle was sacked and later arrested after his employers brought criminal charges against him over mileage expenses.

“It has been 14 months of hell and I think that for a so-called family firm who claim that they look after the people of Barnsley the way I have been treated was harsh."

Sky News colleagues pay tribute to 'outstanding role model and mentor' – producer Mark O'Leary

Sky News colleagues have paid tribute to senior sports producer Mark O’Leary who died of cancer just before Christmas aged 51.

 “Marko wasn’t just our best, calmest, and most experienced output producer,  he was also an outstanding mentor and role model."

David Walsh: Oprah Armstrong interview 'did not go nearly far enough'

Sunday Times chief sports reporter and British Journalism Awards journalist of the year David Walsh believes Oprah Winfrey’s highly-anticipated interview with Lance Armstrong “did not go nearly far enough”.

"My feeling is that the interview was fine in as far as it went, but it did not go nearly far enough, and even in as far as it went I was particularly disappointed that he didn’t admit what might be called the hospital room admission from 1996."

This week in Press Gazette – Journalism Weekly: Writ reveals Katie Price ‘goodwill’ deal with Richard Desmond

Former model Katie Price is suing Star and OK! magazines over articles which she claims breach a contract promising “goodwill” from Richard Desmond’s Northern and Shell titles.

“I [Paul Ashford] will inform each of the editors that we have both worked hard to make this deal work and that I have agreed that our titles will conduct themselves with goodwill towards you and they will support your plan to raise awareness of issues facing families dealing with disability issues.”

UPDATE: Northern and Shell contacted Press Gazette to say that it has reached an amicabe settlement with Price.

Motoring journalist 'facing bankruptcy' after classic car's engine exploded during track session

A motoring journalist claims he is facing bankruptcy after he was sued for damaging a former professional racing driver's £1.25m Porsche.

“If you bend it, you mend it.”

Prince Harry attacks 'rubbish' British press: 'Everyone’s guilty for buying the papers'

Prince Harry made a scathing attack on the British media during a series of interviews aired yesterday in which he said the public was “guilty” of buying newspapers.

“My father says don’t read it, everyone always says don’t read it because it’s always rubbish. “I’m surprised how many people in the UK actually read it. Everyone’s guilty for buying the papers, I guess – hopefully no one actually believes what they read, which I certainly don’t.”

'Doyen of motorcycle correspondents' Kevin Ash dies at BMW press launch

A leading motorcycle journalist has died in an accident at a press launch in South Africa.

"Kevin Ash was the doyen of motorcycle correspondents. Respected throughout journalism and the motorcycle trade, he was also one of our most admired motoring columnists and will be greatly missed by both Telegraph staff and readers."

10 Mr Paparazzi is back: Darryn Lyons to launch new online celebrity photo agency

Self-styled 'Mr Paparazzi' Darryn Lyons is planning to launch a new online photo agency after buying back the assets of his former company Big Pictures.

“I changed my perspective in what I felt was ethical. It’s like any business. You always get your bad eggs. The whole industry needed – and has had – a major shake-up. I got very depressed that the celebrities used their images when it was right for them and then the next minute they’d sue you …”

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