VIDEO: Journalist delivers piece to camera as military helicopter flies inches from her head

This is the hair-raising moment a reporter stands on a military runway as attack helicopters take off inches from her head.

Elmira Musazadeh works for the SBS TV-channel in her native Azerbaijan.

Musazadeh was reporting on the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces from a military air base where attack helicopters were taking off inches from her head to take part in exercises.

In video footage, seen below, the young reporter is seen standing on a military runway recording a news segment on the centenary anniversary.

As she speaks to the camera, attack helicopters whizz past her head, missing her by inches.

Unfazed by the incredible noise and relative danger, Musazadeh professionally completes her report and does not even flinch when the choppers fly past her.

The sound is so loud that it is barely possible to make out what she is saying during the broadcast.

Producer Saadat Mammadova was pleased with Musazadeh’s efforts, saying that she had “left her mark” as a reporter.

However, not everyone was impressed with her reporting. Commenting online, one said: “This was not brave. She completely ignored safety rules. I am confused about the hype she is getting.”

Another added: “This is remarkably stupid.”

While another wrote: “She is lucky to still have her head on her shoulders. What idiot told her to stand there?”

But, she did have some supporters, with one saying: “What a brave reporter. She trusted the pilots and was professional throughout.”

Picture: CEN


14 thoughts on “VIDEO: Journalist delivers piece to camera as military helicopter flies inches from her head”

  1. I think that she did not act for creating a hype because sometimes it happens to ignore the safety rules and provide great peace for viewers to watch. Media creates hype for attention and getting attention is not an easy task. People want to watch interesting, danger and life risk videos.

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