US newspapers catch up in race to full colour

The New York Daily News is aiming to become the first major US daily capable for printing in full colour.

It is spending around $100 million on new full colour presses and other equipment which when installed will enable the paper – whose biggest rival in Rupert Murdoch’s NY Post – to print full-colour photographs, graphics and advertisements on any page, in any size and on any day of the week.

UK titles are well ahead of their US counterparts in the race to full colour – with The Guardian, Observer and Sun titles among those already to have full-colour printing.

The new Daily News presses will be operative, it is expected, by the middle of next year. Although Murdoch plans to launch a full-colour magazine linked to the Wall Street Journal by the end of this year (and has already hired an editor and other staff) there are, as far as anyone knows, no plans to introduce magazine-style colour to the WSJ itself.

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