University to launch first course in financial journalism

The University of Stirling has launched what it claims is the first-ever postgraduate course specialising in financial journalism.

The course, available as both a masters and a postgraduate diploma, is a joint venture between the university’s journalism and finance departments, and will be available from September 2009. Tutors include financial journalists Ian Fraser and Peter Houman.

Programme co-ordinator Jairo Hugo said it was ‘completely coincidental’that the course was being launched during the economic crisis.

But he added: ‘The crisis has highlighted how important it is to have journalists who are able to work with financial data.

‘The watchdog role of journalism has never been as sharp as it should be. We attempt to address this by teaching technical skills alongside an ethical awareness of the responsibility that comes with generating and disseminating financial news.”

Jugo said he felt that the quality of the course would not be affected by the fact that the university is at the opposite end of the country to Britain’s financial centre, in London.

‘In fact, I think the detachment [from London] during that year will actually allow students to focus and concentrate on a much deeper level,’he said.

The course will have visiting speakers from the City, and students will go on study trips to the capital.

It will be geared towards people who want to go into financial journalism and anyone interested in working as a press officer in a financial institution.

The course’s advisory board includes John Lloyd, the Financial Times contributing editor, and Judith Czelusniak, head of communications at Bloomberg’s New York HQ.

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