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UK newspapers ranked by total readership (print and online)

The Guardian/Observer was still the most read of the quality titles, with 5.3m combined readers, ahead of the Telegraph titles with 4.9m and The Times/Sunday Times with 4.5m.

Title Print (000s) Website only (000s) Combined (000s)
The Sun/The Sun (Sunday) 12,400 1,076 13,476
Daily Mail/The Mail on Sunday 9,521 2,449 11,970
Metro 7,458 389 7,847
Daily Mirror/Sunday Mirror/The People 6,762 1,123 7,885
The Guardian/The Observer 2,781 2,475 5,257
The Daily Telegraph/The Sunday Telegraph 3,051 1,848 4,899
The Times/The Sunday Times 4,347 178 4,525
London Evening Standard 3,471 272 3,743
The Independent/The Independent on Sunday/i 2,607 1,056 3,662
Daily Express/Sunday Express 2,683 291 2,974
Daily Star/Daily Star Sunday 2,774 151 2,924
Daily Record/Sunday Mail 1,503 188 1,691
Financial Times 892 334 1,226
The Scotsman/Scotland on Sunday 334 201 535
The Herald/Sunday Herald 296 136 4,322
Yorkshire Post 287 62 349
Glasgow Evening Times 214 49 263


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4 thoughts on “UK newspapers ranked by total readership (print and online)”

  1. The demise of the once high quality “The Scotsman” is a sad situation regarding Scottish journalism.
    Johnston Press’ demonic pursuit of an anti-SNP agenda across the news, politics and business sections of the paper, in both printed and online versions, have caused the once great institution to suffer a fatal loss of credibility in the eyes of many rational and reasonable Scots.
    Unfortunately, it seems that rather than try to explain, debate or review the news that social media can deliver within minutes of events, The Scotsman seems to be content to provide a simplified summary hours or even days later, with an added twist of anti-SNP propaganda wherever and whenever possible.

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