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If you are looking for a digital camera but don’t want to shell out too much to get good results, then Fuji’s new budget camera is worth looking at.

The Fuji Q1 Digital costs £100, comes with a built-in 8MB memory and can accommodate memory cards up to 512MB.

What makes the camera interesting is that it is a low-cost model from a major player and its specifications are excellent. With many budget cameras, you don’t usually get a display to view your work, but the Q1 comes with a 1.5 inch screen and weighs 100 grams. For details, visit

Talking of low-cost imaging, for anyone also interested in making the most of using video, Pinnacle has launched a new range of its Dazzle editors. For £60, the Dazzle Creator 80 connects most camcorders to a PC via the USB so that video can be directly edited on the PC and then saved back on to a hard disk or CD/DVD.

Even though the price is very low, with the right element of creativity it is possible to create high standard results. More details at

Animated images

In the past, I have written about, which offers a great selection of images to liven up any site at low cost. Now the company behind it, ArtToday, is bringing a wide selection of animation images for a low annual fee.

Offering more than 250,000 pieces of web animation, costs £35 for 12 months, or you can subscribe to a monthly option for £5.

As well as using animation on websites, the images can be incorporated into mail or even in making presentations.

Spam-buster trial

Good news for anyone using Outlook Express who wants to limit the amount of spam entering their inbox. Cloudmark (, the company behind Spamnet is now offering a test version of its popular spam buster.

Based on a community model, Spamnet works by having a central resource whereby users of the service can flag what they consider to be spam, as more people use the service and offer their comments, the system becomes more intelligent based on the information it gets. Occasionally, an e-mail may be flagged as spam when it is not. But by going into the spam folder that is specially created, users can then click on that e-mail and notify the community that it was not spam and so it can be handled better next time.

At the moment, as the Outlook Express version is in a test phase, use of the service is free. When it eventually becomes available as a commercial release, expect to pay around £2.50 a month which is how much the Outlook version costs to subscribe.

More than a notebook

Apple’s new range of notebooks are once again offering high-specifications at a very competitive price. At £849, the 800 MHz PowerPC G4 iBook comes with 256MB of RAM, 30GB hard disk, combined CD writer/DVD and has a 12.1 inch screen. At £999, the 933 MHz PowerPC G4 iBook offers 256MB RAM, 40GB hard drive, combined CD writer/DVD and 14.1 inch screen.

Meanwhile, the 1 GHz PowerPC G4 iBook costs £1,199 and offers 256MB of RAM, 60GB hard drive and 14.1 inch screen. All models also feature wireless connectivity as standard.

More details at

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