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Times foreign desk's Eve-Ann Prentice dies

Former foreign correspondent Eve-Ann Prentice has died from cancer. She was 55.

Prentice survived an airstrike by Nato when she was covering the war in Kosovo for The Times, though her driver was killed.

Despite her illness and being in great pain she appeared at war crimes tribunal at The Hague to give evidence at the trial of Slobodan Milosevic.

She spoke out against what she saw as a show trial and testified about the Al Qaeda fighters she had seen in Bosnia and Kosovo, who she believed had been armed by the Americans and British.

Prentice was the last reporter to interview Milosevic before he died.

She remarried last year, to actor Aidan Morrin, and was buried this week in Drogheda, Ireland.

A full obituary will appear in next week’s issue of Press Gazette.