Times a-changing, but the gags are not


Caitlin Moran of The Times thought she was being frightfully witty when commenting, in her Celebrity Watch column, on reports that Brokeback Mountain, the “classic movie of same-sex love”, is to be made into a musical. “Can CW be the first to say Oklahomo!?”she asked.

Well, no Caitlin, you can’t be the first – 28 years ago you were beaten to it by a clumsy (or mischievous) typist in the classified ads department of… The Times.

The advert was placed by impresario Cameron Mackintosh and was meant to announce a new production of the famous musical Oklahoma! at the Palace Theatre.

Thanks to the new Times archive, the advert can be seen in all its, er, glory, as can a letter to the paper days later from Mackintosh, in which he writes: “I wish to reassure your readers that things are not too up-to-date in Kansas City, and that the farmer and the cowhand are still only friends.”

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