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Thomson Reuters staff given job-hunting tips

Staff at the newly formed Thomson Reuters news and information company have been sent guides on how to apply for internal jobs as it moves forward with plans to cut 140 editorial positions.

Journalists at Thomson Financial Newswires were advised to read two documents on the company’s intranet this month, one titled Thomson Reuters Introduction to Interviewing and another, Filling Roles: Competency Based Interviewing Guide.

According to a well-placed source within the company, human resources staff have been holding workshops on tackling interviews for the new company. Press Gazette understands that the meetings are not related to the consultations with staff over redundancies which are underway.

Reuters interviews take place in several stages, often before a panel of four or five senior management staff.

The competency guide advises interviewees to expect tough questions such as: ‘Give an example of a time when you had to strive hard and make personal sacrifices to achieve an aim which was important to you/the business.”

Thomson Reuters announced this week that 140 editorial jobs will go by next year, half of them in Europe, bringing the total to 2,500.

‘Special projects”

Reuters News currently has around 2,300 journalists and Thomson 300, meaning that even after the cuts the enlarged company will have an expanded journalist headcount.

Around 50 editorial jobs are expected to be created for ‘special projects’in the coming months.

The Thomson National Union of Journalists chapel voted ‘unanimously’in favour of strike action earlier this month, and criticised the company’s refusal to consider voluntary redundancies. The NUJ is meeting with Thomson Reuters managers this week to discuss terms and conditions – which are different for former Reuters and Thomson staff.

On the cuts, editor-in-chief of Reuters News, David Schlesinger, has said: ‘Once we have decided what staffing will be necessary, we will consult with the unions on the best way forward. We are proud of our editorial heritage and remain fully committed to its ongoing success.”

Thomson Reuters declined to comment.



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