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The Week Australia launches today

The Australian edition of Dennis Publishing’s news digest The Week hits the newsstands down-under today.

The magazine condenses news of the week, comment and analysis into 35 pages of editorial. The first three issues in Australia are $2, rising to $4.95 with issue four.

The magazine has secured advertising from brands including Qantas and Giorgio Armani, and Dennis claim to have invested $5 million into the launch with promotional campaigns and mass sampling to target readers.

It will be the second global edition for Dennis following the launch of an American edition in 2002.

The UK edition of The Week has a circulation of 150,099, and has seen a continuous rise in circulation since its launch in 1998. According to Dennis, the USA edition has grown 165 per cent from its launch circulation to over half a million.

Kerin O’Connor, executive director of Dennis Publishing, said: ‘We’ve been tremendously encouraged by the positive reaction to The Week.”

Editor-in-chief David Salter said: ‘The Week isn’t a conventional news magazine. We take no positions and parade no opinions of our own – it offers only our balanced account of the best of the media.

‘There’s no shortage of great material for us at the moment. The launch edition features multilayered coverage of the US presidential election, an analysis of the critical response to the government’s bank guarantee, a review of commentary on Malcolm Turnbull’s spoiling tactics, and a cross-section of opinion on whether our parliaments should retain the Lord’s Prayer.”

Dennis has been busy of late with expansion and acquisitions. The publisher recently announced it was expanding into India, and has also acquired a photography magazine and technology website the last month.