The Express ups the stakes in battle for Middle England

The battle for Middle England rages on. The Daily Express has again used its page two to launch a scathing attack against its mid-market rival the Daily Mail, accusing it of being “completely out of touch with the Middle Britain they claim to champion” after its cover price rise to 50p last month.

The Express, never one to be shy with opinions on its rivals, says “Former Mail readers are writing to tell us that they are glad to transfer ot the Daily Express because they are sick of the Mail’s continual groveling to the useless, tax-grabbing Government of Gordon Brown.”

The Northern and Shell paper has no time for the “trashy” free papers, the Metro and London Lite, published by the the Mail’s parent company Associated Newspapers.

The Express claims to be “10p cheap and 10 times better” though the circulation figures for April show that the Express is still some way behind the Mail’s daily average of 2.32m copies with 727,000, and was down 4.3 per cent year on year compared the Mail’s 1.04 per cent rise.

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