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The BBC's new web strategy and five other must-reads

The Digital half dozen.


1. 'Comment, campaigns and community': The Independent's new 'outspoken' opinion site (

"We're not just an editorial extension of the Independent, we're actually going in a very different direction, with different editorial values."

2. New BBC chief vows to re-invent content, not just re-purpose it (Paid Content)

"In some ways, this may herald a return to the late 1990s and early 2000s, when the BBC . . . published many kinds of text-based websites that were not dependent on broadcast services," notes Robert Andrews.*

3. News for Nerds: why a career site bought Slashdot (GigaOm)

 "Getting 'Slashdotted' became an honor for writers"… as well as bringing your website down. Will this acquisition drive its 45 million users away?

4. Digital Magazine Subscriptions: iTunes & Kindle Still A Mess (ReadWriteWeb)

"The only bad thing about the state of digital magazines is how poor the user experience for subscriptions is on both iTunes and Kindle"

5. Never wrong for long (New York Times)

Roger Cohen on the new "churnalism" and a phrase Sky News had long since copyrighted.

6. CHART OF THE DAY: Android Is Still 100,000 Apps Away From Catching iOS (Business Insider)

So, what's your smartphone and tablet plan? 


*UPDATE: you can listen to George Enwistle's debut Today Programme interview as director general here.






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