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Telegraph front-page urges readers to vote Leave, Guardian asks its readers to vote Remain

The Daily Telegraph urged its readers to vote to Leave the EU in a front-page comment this morning, as The Guardian urged its to vote Remain on Thursday.

There was no surprise at the Telegraph’s editorial stance on the EU referendum. Press Gazette analysis of national newspaper front pages over the last month shows that it has been among the most pro-Leave titles (along with the Express titles, the Daily Mail and The Sun).

Some 18 out of the last 26 Daily Telegraph front pages have contained stories judges to favour the Leave camaign, versus two judged to favour Remain and six neither.

The Guardian has been more even in its coverage, but has leaned towards Remain throughout the campaign.
Looking at Guardian front pages, nine out of the last 26 have carried front-page stories which favoured Remain versus three which favoured Leave and 14 which favoured neither.

Looking at national press coverage across the board (weighted according to circulation) it has strongly favoured Leave.

Press Gazette has added up the total circulations on a daily basis of titles with front-pages backing either Leave or Remain. We have found that since 23 May 35 per cent of front-page stories have favoured Leave versus 9 per cent Remain and 55 per cent neither.

The Telegraph said in its pro-Brexit leader today: “In supporting a vote to leave, we are not harking back to a Britannic golden age lost in the mists of time but looking forward to a new beginning for our country. We are told it is a choice between fear and hope. If that is the case, then we choose hope.”

The Guardian said in its pro-Remain piece: “The only argument about the immediate economic effects of Brexit is the depth of the hit that the economy would take, not whether it would take a hit at all. The political victors would not be those who wish to rebuild politics. They would be rightwing Tories, and ruthless plutocrats who want freedom to reorder Britain and make money as they choose.
Guardian Remain front page

Press stances on the EU referendum:


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Author: Dominic Ponsford

Dominic Ponsford is the editor of Press Gazette


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