Sunday Times vows to tell Vanunu's story

Vanunu: embraced journalist Hounam when he was released

The Sunday Times remains confident that it will be able to tell the full story of Mordechai Vanunu’s 18 years in prison – despite the draconian restrictions imposed by the Israeli government.

The paper is understood to be giving some assistance to the man who leaked it details of Israel’s secret nuclear programme, only to be kidnapped by Mossad and imprisoned.

Vanunu’s lawyers are currently appealing against the orders which prevent him from speaking to foreigners or leaving the country.

Peter Hounam, the Sunday Times journalist who broke the Vanunu story 18 years ago, was in Ashkelon last week to greet the whistle-blower on his release from prison.

Hounam has kept in touch with Vanunu throughout his imprisonment and the pair embraced. But because of the legal restrictions Hounam’s threepage report in this week’s Sunday Times included no interview.

Hounam is still in Israel working on the story, as is a BBC documentary team.

Sunday Times managing editor Richard Caseby said: “We are appalled that the Israeli government continues to impose such severe restrictions on freedom of movement and freedom of speech.”

He added: “At some time in the future we do intend to tell the full story about Vanunu’s imprisonment.”

By Dominic Ponsford

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