Sun rubbishes Guardian UFO theory

Yesterday The Wire reported that The Guardian had claimed to have solved The Sun’s UFO mystery: apparently the ‘strange lights’in the sky were fireworks from a journalist’s family party.

However, today’s Sun pours scorn on Emily Bell, the Guardian News and Media director of digital content, and her theory that her father’s 80th birthday party caused the lights.

The idea was branded “ridiculous” and Bell herself referred to as ‘a local blogger for a small newspaper group’– ouch.

UFO expert Nick Pope told the Sun: ‘Who these days can’t identify fireworks?”

The Ministry of Defence last night said the lights and damage to the wind turbine may have been due to a ‘ secret unmanned stealth bomber on test flights”.

The Sun also speculates the mystery could be down to the freezing weather, Russian spies or a mechanical failure.

The truth is out there, only apparently not in The Guardian.

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