Sun journalist seized by Burmese police

The Sun’s chief foreign correspondent Nick Parker and photographer Peter Jordan had a close shave with the Burmese authorities while reporting from the Irrawaddy Delta this week.

Parker and Jordan were ambushed by police as they entered the devastated landscape hit by the recent cyclone.

Parker said: ‘We were ushered into an office where an immigration officer was waiting with pen poised. He seized our passports and began noting details as a podgy policeman appeared and barked in English: ‘No foreigners’.”

Parker explained how a plain-clothed policeman took photographs of both of them, and they were told they could not continue further down into the delta and must to turn back.

Parker said: ‘We doubled back towards the ferry port of Dala but gave spies the slip by hitching rides on motorbikes to pull off the main road.”

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