Sun apology for Prince Harry champagne bender splash

The Sun today apologised for a front page story on Monday headlined “FIZZ ROYAL HIGHNESS” which claimed Prince Harry had spent £10,000 in four hours on drinks at a nightclub.

In a page ten apology headlined “SORRY, HARRY” The Sun today said: “Prince Harry did not go on a bender and spend £10k on champagne at a nightclub as we suggested in Monday’s paper. We are happy too clarify this and wish Harry the best off luck in his exams!”

The original story said that Harry enjoyed a booze-fuelled nightclub bender whilst unwinding from revising for exams to become an Army Air Corps helicopter pilot.

It said: “Generous Prince Harry treated complete strangers to £200 bottles of vintage champagne on a £10,000 booze bender.

“The playboy prince splashed out the small fortune in the VIP section of his favourite Boujis nightspot.”

Monday’s story quoted Mustafa Ahmed who said he treated the prince to a drink after he was spotted in Boujis in South Kensington.

The clubber said: “My mate saw Harry and we bought him a bottle of champagne because we like the guy. He’s a bit of a hero as he fought for his country. Half an hour later he returned the favour with interest and bought us two bottles.”

Ahmed a 21-year-old student from Wood Green, north London, added that the prince went on to buy an estimated 15 bottles of bubbly, at £200 each, for his table of friends and more than double that, at the same price, for other people.

Yesterday St James’ Palace issued a statement saying: “Prince Harry spent approximately an hour and-a-half at the nightclub, where he enjoyed a bottle of beer and a glass of champagne. Prince Harry did not buy anyone else any drinks.

“A friend of Prince Harry hosted the entire evening. It is not true to suggest that Prince Harry spent large sums of money at the club. The £10,000 figure is nonsense.”

Yesterday The Sun printed a story which rowed back on the original splash stating: “Focused Prince Harry last night laughed off claims of a champagne spree as friends insisted he will save the partying for after he has passed his helicopter training.”

But it went further today by admitting that the original story was wrong.

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