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Special report: Alexander Lebedev and the London Evening Standard

Alexander Lebedev

What happened?

Alexander Lebedev buys 75% stake in Evening Standard
On Wednesday, the Daily Mail and General Trust announced the sale of a majority stake in the London Evening Standard to Russian billionaire Alexander Lebedev.

Who is Alexander Lebedev?

Profile: The former spy turned media owner
While working for the downfall of capitalism as a young KGB agent in London in the 1980s, Alexander Lebedev might have thought it preposterous that one day he would control a British newspaper.

What are his plans for the Standard?

Evening Standard’s new owner says job losses ‘possible’
Job losses at the London Evening Standard are ‘possible’, according to a spokesman for its new owner Alexander Lebedev – but investment will be made to bring the title ‘upmarket’.

Where does this leave the Daily Mail and General Trust?

Lord Rothermere: ‘DMGT remains committed to journalism’
Lord Rothermere has insisted that his company, the Daily Mail and General Trust, remains committed to journalism and newspaper ownership, despite selling the London Evening Standard.

Will Lebedev buy more UK papers?

Evening Standard billionaire buyer ‘wants Independent’
Lebedev had initially signalled an interest in acquiring the Independent titles.

Alexander Lebedev: I was joking about buying the Times
The billionaire later described reports that he is in talks about buying other British newspapers as ‘grossly exaggerated’.

What does this mean for journalism?

Editor’s comment: KGB man buys Standard? Stranger things have happened
A former KGB spy turned Russian billionaire businessman buying London’s only paid-for daily newspaper sounds pretty far fetched, but stranger things have happened, says Press Gazette editor Dominic Ponsford.

Nick Davies: Standard sale to billionaire ‘could be good’
The takeover will bring much-needed investment into the industry, according to Nick Davies, the author of Flat Earth News

Media money

Our media finance watcher, Peter Kirwan, has blogged extensively on the Standard sale. Links to all of his pieces can be found in the external weblinks list to the right of this story.

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