Sky News Raw is about transparency and 'shining a light on the unsung heroes behind the camera', says head of content

Sky News’ head of content Cristina Nicolotti-Squires on the decision to put live cameras behind the scenes at the UK broadcaster for one day with the Sky News Raw project, marking its 30th year on the air.

Today we’ve thrown open the doors to Sky News, giving viewers a glimpse of what it is like to run a 24-hour news operation.

It’s 30 years to the day since Sky News began broadcasting and it has never been more important for true stream news organisations to be open and transparent in how they go about their business.

That’s what Sky News Raw is all about.

Months in the planning, with more than 40 fixed and moving cameras and involving more than 150 staff, it’s an ambitious attempt to show our viewers on TV, online and on mobile exactly what it takes to gather and produce news during a genuinely fascinating period in the country’s history.

At Sky News, our mission is to be bold, innovative and rebellious, to learn from the previous 30 years but to make sure that we are always looking to the future. We embrace change and are focused on tomorrow, rather than what’s been achieved today.

Sky News Raw is also about shining a light on the unsung heroes behind the cameras, the ones who chase leads, shape agendas and challenge the status quo. It’s about showcasing the personalities in the newsroom, the skill and the calmness under pressure exhibited by our people every single day.

And for those interested in pursuing a career in journalism, it’s also a window on the myriad of roles and opportunities available today, from reporting and producing to social media management and online editing.

The newsroom at Sky News is a fun, lively and sometimes challenging workplace. There’s great camaraderie and a huge sense of pulling together as one team. No two days are the same, and you never know what challenges are around the corner – but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Picture: Sky News



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7 thoughts on “Sky News Raw is about transparency and 'shining a light on the unsung heroes behind the camera', says head of content”

  1. Transparency from Sky News ? That would be a first. In their rush to tell us how Nissan were no longer going to be building their niche x-trail car in the UK they conveniently neglected to tell us that Toyota in Derby had actually built & were running a new production line for the best selling car in the world, But then like the BBC Sky often forget to broadcast/print positive news when discussing Brexit.

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