Sky News apologises for showing glimpse of Charlie Hebdo cover before camera swerves away

Sky News apologised to viewers yesterday after a glimpse of the latest Charlie Hebdo front cover appeared on a live broadcast.

In the video (below), a French interviewee was criticising parts of the British media for not reproducing the front page, which has cartoon depiction of the Prophet Muhammad on it.

She pulled out the magazine and presented it to the camera, which swerved up to avoid showing it.

The screen then cuts back to the Sky News studio, where the presenter says: "We have chosen not to show that cover so we would appreciate, Caroline, not showing that. I do apologise for any of our viewers who may have been offended by that. As you know, here at Sky News we have taken an editorial decision not to feature the cover of Charlie Hebdo."

So far only The Guardian (online only), Times, FT, Independent and BBC have opted to publish the front page from the major UK newspapers and broadcasters. Websites Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Yahoo News have also published this week's Charlie Hebdo front page.

Among those declining to do so are: The Daily Mail, Telegraph, Sun, Mirror, Sky News, ITN and Press Gazette.

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