Seth Lakeman's upbringing was critical

It’s not often that a musician making his debut in the album chart can be described as “media-savvy”, but then Seth Lakeman’s dad Geoffrey has been a reporter for 44 years, 28 of them as a Daily Mirror staffer.

Axegrinder contacted Geoff at his Dartmoor home, only to be told: “It’s mega busy here. Seth’s album Poor Man’s Heaven has just entered the charts at No. 8, which means he’s sandwiched between Amy Winehouse and Rihanna.”

The following morning, Geoff – who started out as a 16-year-old cub reporter on The Cornishman in Penzance, and has also worked for PA, The Daily Telegraph and Independent Radio News – tells me that his son has been surrounded by journalists all his life, “so he’s probably learned by a process of osmosis how to handle the media. When Seth was a lad, a regular visitor to our house on Dartmoor was Alastair Campbell, who I helped to train. He’s a big fan”.

But with his growing fame, might Seth become the focus of unwanted attention?

Dad, who is retired but now freelances for the nationals, says: “You won’t read about him in the showbiz columns because he doesn’t fit into that ‘kiss ‘n’ tell’ world. He doesn’t hang around London clubs and parties with wannabes and models hanging off him.

“There’s nothing to talk or write about other than his passion, his music.”

Sounds to me like a “hands-off” warning to The Sun’s Bizarre and the Mirror’s 3am columns.

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