Secret Mail readers outed in e-mail?


More red faces at the Daily Mail, which earlier this week admitted losing a laptop containing the bank details of thousands of staff, suppliers and contributors.

Now Axegrinder has been forwarded an email from a reader irate at a recent correspondence from Mail Online editorial director Martin Clarke.

Clarke sent the same email to all the hundreds of people who have sent in feedback about the new-look site – and CC’d them all in, so they now all know each others’ email addresses. Perhaps some were secret Mail readers? Most did not expect the fact that they had written in to be broadcast so widely.

Clarke said in his email to those who have criticised the new look site:

All I can ask is that you persevere with us a little longer to see if you grow more accustomed to the new environment and, hopefully, come to appreciate all that it has to offer.  And, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further observations.

Said my unimpressed source: “My email address is compromised, and I am left with the impression that the online version of the Mail is in the hands of Media Muppets”.

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