Sales of The Sun drop below two million, Times only title to grow sales in October

Print sales of The Sun dipped below two million a day for the first time in its modern history last month.

Average sales of the paper dipped 8 per cent year on year to 1,978,324 making it still the UK's best-selling daily.

Publisher News UK is expected to release an update later this month on the progress of the paper's digital subscription strategy which may soften the blow of falling below two million.

The Daily Mirror dropped below two million copies in 2004 and fell below the one million mark last December.

The Times was again the best-performing UK national daily newspaper, with a year-on-year increase of 0.9 per cent it was the only national newspaper to grow print sales year on year in October.

Average UK national newspaper print sales for October 2014 (source ABC)

Title Avg circ Chnge y/y
Daily Mirror 936,577 -7.68
Daily Record 204,214 -15.77
Daily Star 450,693 -13.70
The Sun 1,978,324 -8.01
Daily Express 461,873 -10.18
Daily Mail 1,660,110 -5.33
The Daily Telegraph 498,484 -9.21
Financial Times 218,759 -9.93
The Guardian 179,146 -9.89
i 284,369 -4.12
The Independent 61,527 -10.90
The Times 392,843 0.89
Daily Star – Sunday 280,667 -14.69
The Sun on Sunday 1,620,866 -11.99
Sunday Mail 227,033 -18.14
Sunday Mirror 914,891 -9.04
Sunday People 363,768 -9.67
The Mail on Sunday 1,494,705 -8.84
Sunday Express 408,425 -9.77
Sunday Post 215,725 -9.05
Independent on Sunday 101,043 -7.06
The Observer 200,748 -12.41
The Sunday Telegraph 396,699 -10.47
The Sunday Times 803,757 -3.95




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