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Saga launches redesigned mag and new iPhone app

Saga magazine is celebrating its 60th anniversarywith a redesign and the launch of a new app.

From next month the magazine will be available to download on an iPhone or iPad for £1.79, after a Saga-Populus poll found 21 per cent of its readership owned a smart phone and 5 per cent owned a tablet device.

The new look magazine, which is aimed at the over 50s, will carry a new logo for the first time since 1977 and have a lower ratio of ads to editorial.

The news comes shortly after advertising agency Beta launched a new website called High50 – also aimed at the over 50s market – that vowed to “put Saga in the old folks home”, and corner the online market.

Saga editor Katy Bravery said: ‘People over 50 have taken up iPad usage avidly and I hope they are going to find both the brighter magazine and the app a lot of fun.

‘There are more evolutions in the pipeline, too. Judging from both formal research – and my post bag – the kind of readers we have are all well ahead of the game and have evolved with the times: we have to keep up with them and their demands.”

According to Saga’s most recent ABC figures it has 670,000 subscribers, making it one of the UK’s best-selling subscription titles.