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Reuters provides branded business news for International Herald Tribune

Reuters have signed a deal with the International Herald Tribune to provide news for a global business section of both the print and online versions of the paper.

The new IHT section, called Business with Reuters, will be produced in collaboration with dedicated Reuters editors.

The daily print section will feature news analysis and comment from IHT, Reuters and New York Times business writers and columnists. Reuters’ global finance columnist James Saft will write alongside senior Reuters correspondents such as Paul Taylor and Alan Wheatley. Regular IHT and New York Times columnists such as Gretchen Morgenson, Floyd Norris and Daniel Altman will also contribute on a rotational basis.

IHT executive editor Mike Oreskes said: ‘We are inventing something new and exciting for both our audiences. We are combining the very best of two of the best journalistic organisations on earth to produce a global report on finance, economics and business of the highest calibre. It is difficult to imagine a moment when this matters more.”

Under the agreement, IHT editors will retain full editorial responsibility and will be able to use content from other sources.

In the Asia-Pacific edition of the IHT, the section will be named Business Asia with Reuters.

The IHT will end its two branded sections made in partnership with Bloomberg by the end of the year.