Regional news outlets reach more than 40m adults a month, new research finds

Regional news outlets reach more than 40m adults a month, new research finds

Local newsbrands reach more than 40m adults on a monthly basis, according to new research.

The new audience data measurement system Jicreg True Local, which launched today, found that 40.6m people read regional print and digital titles every month.

Its research also found that mobile boosted local media audiences by 94 per cent with 10m young people reading regional titles on their devices every month.

The audience figures are calculated by audience research firm RSMB using audited circulation, Pamco and Comscore data.

Its audience data is “deduplicated”, meaning readers who access a local title in print and on mobile are not counted twice.

An open letter from regional publishers to advertisers was also published to coincide with the Jicreg True Local launch.

Simon Edgley, chairman of the regional media trade group Local Media Works, said: “Jicreg True Local demonstrates not only the local sector’s commitment to robust and transparent audience measurement, but also that our overall audiences are growing significantly and more consumers are engaging with their local news brands than ever before.

“It is now time for advertisers and agencies re-examine their ad-spend to reassess their relationship with trusted local media platforms.”

The letter backed by Reach, Newsquest and other regional publishers, claimed that “no other medium” offered ad buyers “the combination of scale, precise geographic targeting, and a highly trusted brand safe environment” than local media.

It also said: “We firmly believe that you should have the benefit of a robust, transparent audience currency which shows the full power of local media. And we know that data is invaluable to you too.”

Stephen Allan, chairman of marketing and advertising firm Mediacom Worldwide, has also welcomed the launch of the new audience measure, saying in an op-ed that it had already shown “compelling evidence about the scale of the [regional news] sector”.

He went on: “While we spend much of our time looking at the global digital platforms, it’s important that advertisers and agencies don’t lose sight of the power that local media holds.

“I welcome the launch of Jicreg True Local and hope that it will be a catalyst for both agencies and advertisers to reassess their relationship with local media.”

The launch of the new audience data body comes a week after advertising agency Group M forecast that newsbrands and magazines would take home less than 10 per cent of UK ad spending this year.

Its forecast predicted that newsbrands (national and regional) and magazines (consumer and B2B) would only see a combined 9.3 per cent share of the market.

That decline was also predicted to carry through to next year.



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1 thought on “Regional news outlets reach more than 40m adults a month, new research finds”

  1. Local papers lost their traditional audiences due to ever free falling copy sales driving advertisers away and into other more specific global and hyper local competitors.
    The complacency from the established groups that local advertisers had ‘nowhere else to go’ left them high and dry when new media publishers and social media competition came along and offered a more relevant audience which delivers results at a fair price which the business/ advertiser could see for themselves and so voted with their feet and walked away from the ailing bigger groups, and no amount of PR by the big publishers clubbing together in a desperate attempt at clawing back audiences is likely to reverse the situation.

    New community publishers are thriving across the uk by delivering audiences and response to local businesses and giving advertisers more bang for their buck, this latest initiative is a little too little, a little too late.

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