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Axegrinder may have inadvertently given a letters-page terrorist the idea for another cowardly attack on a regional press editor.

Regular readers will recall me making reference to a poem which appeared in the Wolverhampton Express and Star, the first letters of each line spelled out a rather puerile attack on editor Adrian Faber.

Now I have been sent a poem printed in the West Dorset-based View From free newspaper series, which casts a similar aspersion upon its editor, chief exec and general supremo. Philip Evans – a one time employee of Sir Ray Tindle (as editor of his Axminster based Pulman’s Weekly News) – left to start  his own series of pick-up frees, taking many of Sir Ray’s staff with him.

I leave you to read it yourselves and join me in condemning the anonymous author’s work. The poem reads:

Every week I get one
View From is for me
All the local news and sport
Nowt to pay, it’s free!
Show your friends a copy
It’s great for them to see
Send one off to grandma
And all your family
So be quick and grab one
Hare up town with speed
In case they’ve all been taken
Then you’ve lost a real good read!

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