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Print and online go separately Stateside

In The Knowledge section of this week’s magazine, a senior editor from one of the USA’s most digitally advanced newspapers cautions British editors to avoid some of the ‘blind alleys’his paper has gone down in recent years.

Bert Roughton of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution tells readers that after five years of having an all-out web operation he found that, for his title, video did not work. That publishing breaking news online has to be rationed, lest the infinite web space sucks out all your reporters’ energy and creativity. And that journalists need to remember that online and print are completely different mediums and, as such, require different kinds of content.

He told Press Gazette that what most intrigued him about British newspapers was the popularity of our Saturday and Sunday titles. Whereas American newspapers are all seven-day operations, Roughton said (in comments not published in The Knowledge) he felt there was much to learn from the extra resources which UK newspapers devote to their weekend editions.

At a time when all UK newspapers are rushing headlong to ramp up their web operations, and The Guardian and Telegraph in particular are increasingly becoming seven-day operations, all this is worth bearing in mind.

High-quality writing at a slightly slower pace and well-developed and planned exclusives are some of the things that make our Sunday papers special. Hopefully, Telegraph and Guardian managements won’t sacrifice these attributes on the altar of change to feed the limitless appetite of the web.

Adrian Sudbury, the ‘Baldy’blogger and Huddersfield Daily Examiner journalist, has revealed that he may have just weeks to live.

His award-winning blog suggested great promise from a journalist whose career was just starting. Adrian’s appeal this week for more bone marrow donors to come forward was typical of the way he has coped with his leukaemia for the past year and a half.

Press Gazette wholeheartedly supports his campaign and salutes a skilful and courageous journalist who is an inspiration to us all.