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Playing on staff's guilt tea conscience

Tempers are boiling over at the Mirror over the latest memo from management in the “Kettlegate” saga.

It appears that the “environmental team” at the Canary Wharf base of the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and The People is playing at emotional blackmail.

Tea-loving hacks have been determined to hang on to their cherished kettles despite an edict to use new water boilers, as I’ve mentioned previously.

Apparently, they fear injury as they walk across the open-plan Canary Wharf offices to their desk with mugs of hot water.

Ominously, some kettles have now been mysteriously disconnected or “bagged up” ready for removal.

The latest twist in the row is outlined in a “Kettle Replacement” memo ‒placed on offending kettles ‒which accuses the hacks of putting the future of the planet at risk.

Axegrinder particularly enjoyed the bitchy remark in the last par from the bosses’ self-styled eco-warriors.

“Please assist Trinity Mirror’s drive to save carbon emissions by not using this kettle from today. If this kettle belongs to you, take it home.

“If you believe that your need of this kettle outweighs the need to reduce the damage global warming is inflicting on the environment, please continue to use it.”

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