Piers Morgan: I do not miss this dying industry

Piers Morgan ‘does not miss newspapers as much as every journalist wishes I did”, he has revealed in a GQ interview – with himself.

Morgan, answering his own question ‘do you miss newspapers?”, said: ‘I contrast my new life, starring in America’s number one tv show in Hollywood, to my old life, spending 16 hours a day in an east end tower block, slaving away in a slowly dying industry.

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‘And I think ‘Oh God, I wish I was back in Canary Wharf…now, pour me another pina colada, Scarlett, and help me try to get over it’.”

Morgan did admit, however, missing some elements of journalism.

‘Journalists have a uniquely dark, sick sense of humour, and I miss that,’he said.

‘I also miss those days when there is a really dramatic breaking news story, like the suicide bombers in London. There is no more exciting place to be than in a newsroom.

‘I’ve never experienced anything to rival that kind of adrenaline rush.”

Morgan said his most ‘shocking’story was, in his first week editing the News of the World, a man parachuting into Buckingham Palace with his genitals painted green.

And he added Rupert Murdoch, his former boss, is ‘the smartest man I’ve ever known”, and they recently ‘had a bit of a laugh over a few glasses of wine”.

Finally, Morgan asked himself about Ian Hyland, the News of the World’s television critic who regularly criticises him.

‘I was editing his newspaper at 28, and he is still writing about Big Brother contestants at 40,’Morgan wrote.

‘And doing so while looking like a hybrid of Darren Day and Graham Norton. Not great, is it?”



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