PCC rejects complaint over YouTube train fire-bomb video - Press Gazette

PCC rejects complaint over YouTube train fire-bomb video

The Press Complaints Commission has published its second adjudication on web video.

It has rejected a complaint against the Northwich Guardian which carried a video on its website, which had originally been uploaded onto YouTube, showing youths throwing fire bombs at a freight train and setting it alight. It also published stills from the video in the newspaper itself.

The father of a fifteen-year-old boy who had taken part in the incident complained that the newspaper had identified his son on an issue involving his welfare in breach of Clause 6 (Children) of the Code.

The newspaper said that the man’s son had posted the video on to YouTube himself, and that it had merely embedded the video on its own pages. It argued that the community had a right to know about the incident.

The PCC said: “it would have been contrary to any common sense or fairness for the Commission to afford greater protection to the youths in this case than to other law-abiding children because of their behaviour. This is in circumstances where innocuous pictures taken of children in public places do not normally breach the Code”.



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