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Ofcom rejects complaints about John Sweeney 'Nazi' doc

Ofcom has rejected two complaints about the use of uncensored offensive language in the BBC1 documentary Weekend “Nazis”

Two viewers complained to the broadcasting regulator about the use of uncensored offensive language including the words ‘niggers’and ‘coons’in the John Sweeney documentary, which was broadcast last August at 8.30pm.

Ofcom said the documentary did not breach the broadcasting code, which says that offensive language should not be broadcast before the watershed ‘unless it is justified by the context”.

The regulator concluded that the use of offensive language was justified by the fact that the documentary was a serious investigation into the extremist and racist views among certain people involved in a World War Two enactment.

It said: ‘If the racist words had been edited out, this section of the programme would have had significantly less impact.”

Ofcom added that viewers had been prepared for the use of the offensive words, which were broadcast late in the programme and that it was aimed at an adult audience in the Panorama timeslot.

The BBC faced allegations of misleading editing when the Weekend “Nazis” documentary was broadcast.

A military re-enactor claimed the investigation into whether Second World War German army re-enactment groups are a ‘magnet for extremists’was misleadingly edited.

A BBC spokesman denied the claims at the time and said: ‘We make plain in the programme that the overwhelming majority of German re-enactors have no interest or sympathy with Nazi ideology.”