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October ABCs: Qualities share spoils of Sindy decline

The Observer, Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph all gained circulation in October following a relaunch of the Independent on Sunday that saw it lose nine per cent of its circulation in one month.

The Independent on Sunday dropped 21.41 per cent compared with October 2007. Its circulation figure, 165,764, was down 9.18 per cent on September, when a full-colour redesign was introduced.

The Observer rose 0.45 per cent month on month to 455,130. The Sunday Telegraph increased its circulation by 1.15 per cent in the same period to 628,832, and the Sunday Times grew by 1.03 per cent to 1,234,076.

Despite the month-on-month gains, all three titles fell compared with October 2007, with the Observer down 6.5 per cent and the Sunday Times and Telegraph both falling about 3 per cent.

In the red-top market, the Daily Star Sunday posted a 20.66 per cent year-on-year drop in circulation to 354,224 – down 7.33 per cent on September.

The People fell 11.7 per cent year on year to 614,636. The Sunday Sport was down 13.86 per cent on last year to 78,607.

The biggest-selling red-top, the News of the World, fell 6.36 per cent on the year and 3.19 per cent on the month to 3,138,782.

And the Sunday Mirror was down 7.47 per cent year on year to 1,289,067.

The Sunday Express gained circulation in October, up 2.14 per cent month on month – helped by a series of money-off vouchers allowing readers to pick up the paper for 80p instead of £1.30.

But the title was still down 6.6 per cent year on year to 669,386.

The Mail on Sunday was down 0.92 per cent month on month and 6.75 per cent year on year to 2,218,418.

Sunday newspaper circulation for October (percentage changes are year on year)

Daily Star Sunday – 354,233 – down 20.66%
News of the World – 3,138,782 – down 6.36%
Sunday Mirror – 1,289,067 – down 7.47%
The People – 614,636 – down 11.7%
Sunday Sport – 78,607 – down 13.86%

Sunday Express – 669,386 – down 6.6%
Mail on Sunday – 2,218,418 – down 6.75%

Independent on Sunday – 165,764 – down 21.41%
The Observer – 455,130 – down 6.59%
Sunday Telegraph – 628,832 – down 3.48%
Sunday Times – 1,234,076 – down 3.16%