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NRS figures show London Lite and Thelondonpaper neck and neck on readers

London Lite and Thelondonpaper are neck and neck on readership – despite a 100,000 copy a day gap on distribution – according to the latest figures from the National Readership Survey.

According to the NRS survey – which is based on a nationwide sample of 18,240 people interviewed over six months – London Lite had a readership of 931,000 in the six months from October to March, versus Thelondonpaper on 932,000.

According to ABC – in the same period Associated Newspapers‘ London Lite had a distribution of around 400,000 compared with around 500,000 for News International-owned Thelondonpaper.

London Lite managing director Steve Auckland said: ‘We are delighted with the consistent progress that Lite is making. With 2.25 readers per copy Lite yet again proves that it is the most popular afternoon free newspaper in London.

‘Using a responsible and targeted approach we have less waste and are able to reach a more affluent professional market rather than tourists, day shoppers or school children. The majority of our distribution takes place between 4.30 -7.30 in zone one. Our advertisers are increasingly appreciating the value of this approach. ‘

In February 2007, when Thelondonpaper increased its print run by 100,000, Associated Newspapers accused it of being ‘irresponsible’and said extra copies were being dumped on to the streets.

In September 2007, the NRS put London Lite ahead of Thelondonpaper on readers – at 740,000 versus 713,000.

At the time News International questioned the validity of a survey which they said questioned only 231 readers of Thelondonpaper.