NRS: Daily Mail most popular UK newspaper in print and online with 23m readers a month

The Daily Mail is now the most read newspaper brand in the UK, with The Sun relegated to fifth place – according to figures released by the National Readership Survey.

The NRS uses its national survey to estimate average monthly print readers for the whole of 2014 and uses data from Comscore to estimate PC and mobile readership for November 2014.

It only provides combined print, PC and mobile readership for daily national newspapers and their websites (Sunday titles are not included).

The NRS estimates that the Daily Mail and Mail Online has some 23.5m UK readers over the course of a month. It puts the Daily Mirror in second place with 17.5m readers over the course of a month and the Daily Telegraph in third with 16.4m (neck and neck with The Guardian on 16.3m).

The Sun is still the most read title in print, with readership across the month of 12.7m according to NRS.

Title Net readership Print Computer Mobile/tablet
Daily Mail 23,449,000 10,636,000 11,318,000 9,908,000
Daily Mirror 17,484,000 6,847,000 6,060,000 7,941,000
Daily Telegraph 16,357,000 3,923,000 9,358,000 7,016,000
The Guardian 16,314,000 3,653,000 10,488,000 6,824,000
Metro 14,211,000 10,281,000 3,145,000 3,364,000
The Sun 13,628,000 12,658,000 959,000 843,000
The Independent 10,442,000 2,140,000 5,640,000 4,508,000
Daily Express 6,839,000 3,019,000           2,288,000 2,200,000
London Evening Standard 6,718,000 4,924,000 1,596,000 1,159,000
The Times 4,911,000 4,358,000 469,000 348,000
Daily Record 2,978,000 1,395,000 923,000 1,181,000
The Scotsman 1,252,000 350,000 649,000 424,000


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