Nick to come in from the cold

The jockeying for position to take over from the Beeb’s political editor Nick Robinson has already started.

My spies in the BBC reckon Robinson is keen to move on after the next general election to follow a career path similar
to his predecessor Andy Marr, who now has his own show on BBC1 on Sunday mornings and several other lucrative gigs.

“There’s only so many years you want to shiver in the cold standing outside Downing Street until 10pm most nights,” says my mole.

“I think Nick’s keen to move on after the next general election and do another job within the Beeb – but somewhere warmer.”

However, replacing Robinson could leave Beeb bosses with a major headache. A bunch of senior political hacks including Guto Hari, James Hardy and Nick Assinder are all quitting the Corporation for new jobs.



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