News? Everything is fairly quiet here; What a baaad intro; Haymarket grossly underestimates staff’s maths skills

News? Everything is fairly quiet here

Axegrinder recalls fondly the words of advice from his first news editor when asked about filling space on quiet weeks at a local paper: “If nothing happens, that’s news.”

I always thought it was total bollocks until I read this brilliant space-filling story, which recently appeared in Exeter’s Express and Echo:

"Police in Honiton are reporting a largely crime-free festive holiday. PCSO Phil Anning, said: 'Christmas and New Year was a fairly quiet time in Honiton.

"'On Christmas Eve a common assault was reported in the town centre involving a man being grabbed and pushed against a wall, no injuries were caused and police are investigating this incident.

"'Some time on Christmas Day a shed in the garden of a house in Rosemount Lane was entered and legs of lamb, a salmon and other frozen foods were stolen from the freezer.'"

And so it goes on for another 200 words to make a no doubt much-needed page lead!

What a baaad intro

An early nomination for most lame intro of the year courtesy of This Is North Devon:

“A couple of sheep caused a few problems on the B3226 near South Molton this afternoon.”

Haymarket grossly underestimates staff’s maths skills

The good news from Haymarket Network is that freelances working in the office are now to benefit from holiday pay!

The bad news is they are getting a 20 per cent pay cut in the “gross” day rate as a result to £120.

According to one disgruntled freelance: “Why is the ‘gross’ figure affected…Seems it’s just an excuse to slash the rate by confusing everyone.”

A story from the Western USA, Japan

Correction of the week comes courtesy of the Huffington Post, which lifted a story from the UK tabloids about a McDonalds worker who successfully sued after being sacked for giving a co-worker extra sprinkles on their Happy Meal.

The HuffPo take on the tale had an extra mistake after it placed Carmarthen in England.

It said later: “An earlier version of this story mistakenly said that West Wales is located in England. In fact, it is located in Wales.”

Journalists reach out to PR company

PR firm Twelve Thirty Eight has published its annual Buzzword Report on PR jargon which includes this amusing list of top pet-hates provided by a national

press features editor:

(1) “reaching out”

(2) “attached is an article which

would be good to feature in your…”

(3) “Pleased to announce an

exciting new client” [this is not


(4) “Hi, I hope you are well”

(5) “Delivery footprint”

(6) Any footprint – unless it is a


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