News Corp condemns Daily Beast's 'lame attempt' to suggest that Saddam in his pants pics breached US law

News Corp has shrugged off new claims that it may have breached US law when it purchased pictures of former dictator of Iraq Saddam Hussein in his pants.

In 2005 it was reported that The Sun paid around £500 for the photos of Saddam taken while he was behind bars.

The Daily Beast reports on new claims in a lengthy cuttings-job which makes one new claim. 

Sources close to the story have told The Daily Beast that the payment was significantly greater, and was made to a U.S. official on American soil.

According to the Daily Mail, which unlike the Daily Beast has managed to contact News Corp, a spokesman for the company said the story was just “a lame attempt to regurgiate old news”.

A spokesman added: “We didn't believe then, and certainly don't believe now, that it was wrong to acquire and publish newsworthy photographs of a notorious war criminal.”

Back in 2005, Press Gazette reported that Saddam's lawyer was considering legal action over the pictures.

A spokesman for The Sun said at the time: "Our legal department has not heard anything. The idea that this mass-murdering ruthless dictator is upset because someone has taken his picture is beyond belief."

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