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New Statesman trumpets rare 'liberal media' success with growing print circulation and web traffic

The New Statesman says its print circulation has risen a to 35-year high of 35,000 and that its online traffic rose to a record 4m unique users in the EU referendum month of June.

Editor Jason Cowley said: “While much of the liberal media has been struggling to survive in a declining market dominated by powerful media groups, the New Statesman has not merely held its position but expanded dramatically.

“We have succeeded by returning to the founding mission of the magazine, which was to create a high-class weekly review of politics and literature, beholden to no one political party.

“Today’s record figures are the result of a relentless commitment to quality, sceptical and unpredictable politics, innovative special issues (such as guest edits), investment in emerging talent, and a smart digital strategy. This is the best possible platform from which to cover these momentous new times.”

The title points to recent innovations such as weekly podcasts and a daily politics mail.

Deputy editor Helen Lewis, and digital editor Serena Kutchinsky are leading a digital expansion of the brand, focusing on further raising traffic, launching new microsites and newsletters, and increasing global readership.

The New Statesman’s last ABC for 2015 was 33,395 (68 per cent actively purchased).

New Statesman, like Press Gazette, is part of the Progressive media group.



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3 thoughts on “New Statesman trumpets rare 'liberal media' success with growing print circulation and web traffic”

  1. If the New Statesman is liberal then the word “liberal” has reversed its meaning – what used to mean (with such people as Prime Minister Gladstone and President Grover Cleveland) smaller government, less government spending and regulations, now means ever-bigger-government ever-more-government-spending and ever-more-regulations. Why are socialists so shy of the name socialist that you have use the name of your opposite? You believe in ever greater state power (an ever bigger government in both size and scope – even though government spending is already half the entire economy and regulations already come to thousands and thousands of pages) and the crushing of what is left of Civil Society – yet you call yourselves “liberals” the name of the party of liberty. In the United States this started in the 1920s with Marxist supporters of the totalitarian Soviet tyranny absurdly calling themselves “liberals” – and their opponents just allowed them to steal the words “liberal” and “liberalism”. This continues to this day, with Marxist “Critical Theory” academics (and the media followers) calling themselves “liberals” and being allowed to get away with it.

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