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New monthly offers some Christmas Spirit and Soul

A new glossy women’s monthly magazine focusing on the spiritual side of life launches this Christmas, published by Aceville.

Soul & Spirit hits the shelves on 28 December and will contain work from ‘the world’s leading spiritual gurus and authors”, including Russell Grant, Uri Geller, Deepak Chopra and the Barefoot Doctor, formerly of The Observer.

The company said the magazine would target ‘intelligent’women aged between their mid-20s and their 60s.

Aceville publish a diverse range of titles including Grow Your Own, Natural Health and Paintball Games International.

Group editor, Charlotte Smith, said: ‘Soul & Spirit is one of our most exciting launches to date. Spirituality is of growing interest among educated women and there is definitely an opportunity for a magazine dedicated entirely to this subject matter.”

Editor Katy Evans, until recently an arts reporter on the East Anglia Daily Times, said: ‘Soul & Spirit is a glossy, beautifully illustrated magazine bringing sophistication to spirituality.’She said the magazine would mix ‘astrology, energy therapies and ancient divination methods’with life coaching, psychology and tips on meditation.

The first issue, which come with £30 of gifts, will cost £7.99 but the magazine’s cover price will drop too £3.25 for later issues.