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National newspaper + online ABCs: Web figures in double-digit drop as print circulation falls across the board

National newspaper circulations for November paint a picture of falling print sales across the board, with web figures down by double figures.

The latest figures from ABC show the Mail Online down 16 per cent year-on-year to 11.7m daily average unique browsers.

The Sun and Metro have also seen double-digit online decline.

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The Telegraph titles are the worst hit of national newsbrands in print. The Daily Telegraph was down 22 per cent on the same period last year to 359,110. The Sunday Telegraph was down 17 per cent year-on-year.

The Telegraph, Mail and Mirror Group titles have all stopped counting bulk sales in their circulation figures.

National newspaper circulation, November 2018 (ABC):

Publication ABC total (Nov 2018) Year-on-year % change Bulks 
Metro FREE 1,451,399 -1%
The Sun 1,403,779 -6% 118,520
Daily Mail 1,222,611 -12%
The Sun on Sunday 1,187,848 -7% 118,975
The Mail on Sunday 1,028,736 -13%
London Evening Standard FREE 856,439 -5%
The Sunday Times 727,079 -3% 76,655
Daily Mirror 519,224 -12%
Sunday Mirror 434,436 -14%
The Times 415,577 -6% 81,257
The Daily Telegraph 359,110 -22%
Daily Star 340,816 -15%
Daily Express 322,798 -12%
The Sunday Telegraph 283,751 -17%
Sunday Express 280,404 -11%
i 238,771 -8% 52,682
Daily Star – Sunday 205,702 -14%
Financial Times 177,196 -5% 30,992
Sunday People 168,690 -15%
The Observer 165,868 -6%
The Guardian 136,834 -7%
Sunday Mail 125,499 -14%
Daily Record 121,473 -12%
Sunday Post 109,549 -14% 538
City AM FREE 86,023 -5%

Website daily average unique browsers, November 2018 (ABC):

Website Daily avg. unique browsers (Nov 2018)  Year-on-year % change
Mail Online 11,788,742 -16%
Metro 1,825,680 -11%
The Sun 4,738,101 -12%



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9 thoughts on “National newspaper + online ABCs: Web figures in double-digit drop as print circulation falls across the board”

  1. Having not looked at the nationals’ circulation figures for a decade, I’m absolutely shocked at how low the Guardian has fallen (136k). I thought it was a miss-print. When I was a young man I think it was doing about 400k! Having said that, when I try to read it now, I find it totally depressing. The broad church of the old “left” has gone. It is now trapped in a pit of protest from liberal miserablists with agenda placards of abuse to women, the environment, ethnic minorities, the disabled, et al. It is heavy, unrelieved and has the overall tone of “we’re all going to hell in a hand cart”. Who wants a massive dose of that every day? None of its columnists appears to understand the appeal of Trump and his common touch for the millions who feel left behind by globalisation. Neither can they give him any credit for radical acts such as confronting America’s industrial nemesis China over its myriad abuses of free trade. I come from a left-wing background and I can see these things, why can’t they? My only advice to the Guardian is lighten up and broaden out, otherwise you’re finished.

  2. I read both the Graun and the Telegraph online.
    The latter has dumbed-down to a standard lower than the Sun.
    The former is like the Socialist Worker.
    People read them because they’re free. Never a good omen.

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