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National newspaper ABCs: Metro climbs above The Sun's total circulation as Mirror and Telegraph titles post double-digit drops

The Metro has climbed ahead of The Sun’s total print circulation for the first time, new ABC figures have revealed.

The free newspaper distributed 1,472,437 copies in February, down 0.25 per cent year-on-year, against The Sun’s 1,465,000 circulation, an 8 per cent drop year-on-year.

The Sun’s figure includes its Saturday edition, whereas the Metro only distributes Monday to Friday.

Metro editor Ted Young said: “This is a massive Metro moment and one which demonstrates the demand for our trusted and loved product with a young, professional audience on their morning commute in every major city every weekday morning.

“As long as the appetite is there, we intend to remain the largest distributed newspaper in Britain.”

The Metro, which is only distributed in England, Scotland and Wales, overtook The Sun in terms of the number of weekday copies the two titles distribute across the UK in June last year.

But February’s figures represent the first time the paper has overtaken the Sun – which sells about 55,500 copies in Ireland and nearly 11,000 copies abroad – in terms of the total numbers distributed overall.

Nonetheless, the Sun remains the UK’s best-selling daily newspaper.

The Mirror and The Telegraph groups both saw the biggest year-on-year circulation falls.

The Sunday Mirror fell 20 per cent to 488,609 copies and the Daily Mirror was down 19 per cent year-on-year to 567,418 copies. Unlike some titles, publisher Trinity Mirror’s figures do not include bulk sales.

The Daily Telegraph sold 374,719 copies, an 18 per cent year-on-year drop, while The Sunday Telegraph sold 297,379, a 17 per cent drop. The Telegraph  ended bulk sales in January 2018.

Free newspaper City AM was the only national publication not to see a drop in circulation year-on-year, staying steady at around 91,000 copies.

ABC national newspaper print circulation figures for February 2018 (and online figures below):

Publication Total print circulation (Feb 18) Year-on-year % change Bulks
Metro (FREE) 1,472,437 -0.25
The Sun 1,465,000 -7.98 118,334
Daily Mail 1,294,214 -11
The Sun on Sunday 1,244,702 -9.2 118,253
The Mail on Sunday 1,084,563 -12.97
London Evening Standard (FREE) 886,615 -1.16
The Sunday Times 742,705 -5.88 85,044
Daily Mirror 567,418 -19.04
Sunday Mirror 488,609 -20.18
The Times 430,119 -2.48 89,942
Daily Star 392,020 -10.91
The Daily Telegraph 374,719 -18.06
Daily Express 359,691 -7.54
Sunday Express 311,330 -6.84
The Sunday Telegraph 297,379 -16.64
i 254,117 -4.4 60,342
Daily Star – Sunday 237,369 -8.24
Sunday People 194,824 -17.93
Financial Times 178,899 -2.92 27,638
The Observer 178,660 -2.7
The Guardian 149,524 -3.25
Sunday Mail 139,638 -15.98
Daily Record 131,802 -14.18
Sunday Post 123,196 -13.47 538
City AM (FREE) 91,095 0.39
Website Daily Average Unique Browsers (Feb 2018) Year-on-year % change
Mail Online 13,516,050 -13.16
Metro 2,674,191 56.32
The Sun 5,108,004 15.81
Trinity Mirror Group – Digital 9,268,774 -0.24



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