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National newsbrand ABCs: Tabloids worst hit as circulations fall year-on-year

Tabloid newspapers have been hit by double-digit drops in circulation, new ABC figures for June show.

The Sun fell by 12 per cent year-on-year to 1.28m copies while the Sun on Sunday is down 13 per cent to 1.06m. Both have bulk sales of about 68,700.

Rival tabloids the Mirror and Star, both owned by Reach, also saw daily and Sunday sales fall year-on-year at similar levels.

The Sunday People, another Reach title, recorded the biggest drop in sales at 18 per cent year-on-year.

Only free newspaper City AM held firm against the decline.

National newsbrand circulation for June 2019 (ABC):

Publication Total avg. circulation – June 2019 Year-on-year % change Bulks
Metro (FREE) 1,424,232 -3%
The Sun 1,277,947 -12% 68,779
Daily Mail 1,175,653 -7%
The Sun on Sunday 1,066,147 -13% 68,781
The Mail on Sunday 986,385 -7%
London Evening Standard (FREE) 845,284 -5%
The Sunday Times 686,819 -5% 78,213
Daily Mirror 488,829 -13%
Sunday Mirror 403,350 -15%
The Times 399,672 -7% 76,216
The Daily Telegraph 327,345 -12%
Daily Star 310,246 -15%
Daily Express 307,662 -9%
Sunday Express 268,096 -9%
The Sunday Telegraph 258,394 -10%
i 228,801 -8% 50,250
Daily Star – Sunday 184,914 -16%
Financial Times 175,512 -4% 31,057
The Observer 159,568 -4%
Sunday People 151,523 -18%
The Guardian 132,821 -4%
Sunday Mail 113,712 -14%
Daily Record 111,543 -11%
Sunday Post 96,422 -17% 538
City AM (FREE) 85,617 0%



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  1. The fact left wingers think newspapers are right wing and right wingers think newspapers are left wing says everything you need to know and explains why newspapers need to die. They parrot the establishment no more exposé or investigative journalism. That’s left to the masses on, Twitter and forums we’ve essentially become our own media. The Rotherham scandal, pizzagate and Maddie McCann case showed who’s mast the newspaper cabal had nailed their flag too. I for one can’t wait for the demise of newspapers.

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