National newsbrand ABCs: Full circulation figures for March 2019

National newsbrand ABCs: Full figures for March 2019

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Newspaper circulation figures continued to fall across the board in March with the exception of the Evening Standard where distribution stayed steady on last year.

The latest ABC figures show Reach-owned titles the Sunday People, Star on Sunday and Daily Star continued to record the biggest year-on-year declines.

Free title the Metro posted the smallest year-on-year drop of 3 per cent, followed by the Sunday Times which had a 4 per cent drop in circulation.

National newsbrand circulations for March (source ABC):

Publication Total circulation March 2019 Year-on-year % change Bulks
Metro FREE 1,427,127 -3%
The Sun 1,358,945 -8% 104,378
Daily Mail 1,186,689 -9%
The Sun on Sunday 1,136,412 -7% 103,780
The Mail on Sunday 1,006,177 -6%
London Evening Standard 874,314 0%
The Sunday Times 711,872 -4% 77,275
Daily Mirror 497,699 -12%
Sunday Mirror 407,690 -14%
The Times 405,013 -7% 76,773
The Daily Telegraph 342,596 -10%
Daily Star 326,360 -17%
Daily Express 314,516 -12%
Sunday Express 271,117 -12%
The Sunday Telegraph 268,238 -9%
i 231,256 -9% 50,466
Daily Star – Sunday 194,007 -18%
Financial Times 174,224 -6% 30,650
The Observer 163,814 -7%
Sunday People 153,073 -18%
The Guardian 134,443 -9%
Sunday Mail 119,255 -13%
Daily Record 117,416 -11%
Sunday Post 103,383 -14% 538
City AM FREE 86,073 -5%

Picture: Reuters/Peter Nicholls 



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7 thoughts on “National newsbrand ABCs: Full figures for March 2019”

  1. Lol at this utterly misinformed comment. Where to even begin?

    The public is now more informed than ever before because of the internet. The old information gatekeepers are now becoming irrelevant. The truth is they NEVER held power to account. They merely gave the illusion of doing so. They were always in the pocket of the establishment.

    And that last sentence about democracy being undermined? Just lol at such a stupid statement. I see that cliché endlessly trotted out these days. There isn’t a shred of truth to it. In fact, literally the opposite is true. Democracy is now stronger than ever because those gatekeepers are being exposed as the fake news merchants they’ve always been.

    Indie journalism is flourishing. The inevitable death of the entire legacy media is a wonderful thing for anybody who isn’t a corrupt parasitical traitor. All these rags are going away and what a wonderful sight it is to behold.

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