Most popular websites for news in the US: Monthly top 50 listing

Top 50 news websites in the US: April saw surge in traffic to right-leaning sites

Right-wing news sites saw the biggest year-on-year growth in the US in April, according to Press Gazette’s analysis of visits to the most popular English-language news websites.

The Epoch Times, which has become a home for anti-China conspiracy theories around coronavirus, was the single fastest-growing site according to data from web analytics firm SimilarWeb. Visits to another pro-Trump site, Newsmax, increased by 171% to 29.4 million while visits to right-wing video platform Bitchute were up 150% to 19.3 million.

Also in the top five for year-on-year growth was far-right site, whose founder and editor-in-chief, Jim Hoft, was permanently suspended from Twitter in February for sharing false news about the US election. The site saw visits increase by 41% to 25.5 million.

Among the sites with the biggest year-on-year falls in traffic were several mainstream national news brands and business titles. saw the biggest fall in traffic as visits decreased by 54% to 53.2 million. Meanwhile, visits to The Atlantic’s site were down by 52% to 21 million and visits to were down by 50% to 22.7 million. Like for like comparisons will be impacted by the huge traffic to coronavirus-related content a year ago.

When it comes to monthly growth in visits, investigative tabloid RawStory came out on top. Visits to the site were 4% higher at 17.7 million in April. The New York Post and the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Wire also saw small traffic increases of 1%.

Despite the growth of some smaller players, the website of cable broadcaster CNN has by far the biggest audience share overall. was the most visited site in April with 410.9 million visits. This was followed by (273.9 million visits) and (244.1 million visits). British sites and also made it into the top 10 with 113.1 million visits, as did with 89.1 million visits in April.

Taken as whole, there were significantly fewer visits to the current top 50 sites this month compared to April 2020. The current top 50 sites racked up a combined 3 billion visits in April compared to 4.1 billion visits in the same month last year. The only sites among the top 50 that saw year-on-year traffic increases were,,,,,,, and

Compared with last month, there were 7% fewer visits to the leading 50 sites combined in April (3.1 billion compared to 3.3 billion in March).

SimilarWeb generates its traffic data by applying machine learning and modelling to statistically representative datasets that the company collects. Datasets are based on direct measurement (i.e. websites and apps that choose to share first-party analytics with SimilarWeb); contributory networks that aggregate device data; partnerships and public data extraction from websites and apps.

Visit data is based on desktop and mobile web visits. A visit (session) means that a visitor has accessed one or more pages in a website. Subsequent page views are included in the same visit until the user is inactive for more than 30 minutes.

Press Gazette uses SimilarWeb data for its digital traffic analysis stories so we can compare figures across publishers, who differ in how they measure their own audience data.

Note: Press Gazette will be updating this page on a monthly basis. See our previous coverage here:

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10 thoughts on “Top 50 news websites in the US: April saw surge in traffic to right-leaning sites”

  1. I agree. They state without equivocation that Hoft was twittered out “for sharing false news about the US election. ”

    So they’ve opened themselves to an easy defamation action.

    Good, because it’s obvious the PressGazette is a bunch of leftie dumbshits.

  2. Amen! and awoman while we’re at it. I am surprised anyone would use USAToday for anything! It doesn’t even make a good breakfast placemat in the print version. But it does make a difference HOW people got to these websites. How does my looking thru Instapundit show my hitting an NYPost story? USAToday is behind a serious paywall–you don’t look unless you for over moolah. Many of those sites you list I would not trust at all and having seen PressGazette’s own writing I KNOW you are a badly biased and unreliable site. In fact I am only here through a link from Instapundit.
    OK, first sources I use: London Daily Mail (because the London Daily Telegraph charges too much!), Instapundit, PowerLine Blog, Whatfinger fo the Military History (Al Nofi DOES have serious errors!),Railpace (for RR news: important that the PanAm sale to CSX just blew up at the SurfBoard),DailyCaller (annoyingPaywall!),Breitbart (used to be better when Andy was alive), then my two brokerage houses for financial news. From then on I use search engines for further study but I DON’T use search engines as original news sources. National Review I fired after 48 years! Point is your article must be taken with a lot of salt because I see sites listed that are putridly stupid with much bias and I have difficulty believing that millions are stupid enough to rely on them. The Grauniad (inside joke name for a UK site–if you don’t know the reference you is DUMB, boy!)–I would NEVER read first–but a link to a story from elsewhere might get followed because I’m told there’s something enormously stupid in it there.
    This sort of thing might be inflating your numbers: someone looking at a site because they’ve been referred from elsewhere. BTW, the fact that in this article you mentioned some election news from last February tells us your own publication is sometimes NOT true. Do you believe Russian Collusion is True?
    Ball is in your court. I just came to you from Instapundit and probably until they link again I’ll never be back because I now know Press Gazette IS unreliable.

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