Monday Links: Sub zero? - Press Gazette

Monday Links: Sub zero?

A couple of good’uns for you this week!

[MEDIA GUARDIAN] The fine line between victory and defeat

Ah, Yvonne Ridley. Well-loved by Lincoln students for failing to show for guest lectures twice (had to get that in there, sorry), Yvonne has recently won her messy court case with al-Jazeera. In this piece for the Media Guardian, she tells us of her battle to win the dosh.

[ROY GREENSLADE] Subs? Do we really them any longer?

Cheeky typo-ed title from Roy, with a serious point. Do we need sub-editors? I’d argue yes: As a journalist I tend to miss out mistakes. Indeed, look hard enough and you’ll find a load on this very page. But in this online world, is there the time for subs? Archant doesn’t think so — it’s getting rid of 20 subs in favour of designers.



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