Missing-woman freelance seized by police

A Bristol-based freelance was thrown into jail on the eve of his wedding for refusing to cooperate with police.

Tony Gosling, who previously worked for Radio Solent and Wiltshire Sound, was driving into the city with his fiancée last week to pick up a dress for their wedding on Saturday.

Police stopped his van and seized the couple after they refused to give details about a missing woman Gosling had interviewed recently for the indymedia.org website. The couple were taken to Trinity Road police station where they spent a night in the cells before being released without charge. The woman is bailed to reappear at a future date.

Gosling said police also forced their way into his home and took away two computers and two mobile phones, which were later returned.

‘I am going to take this further. I believe they should have respected my right to confidentiality,’he said.

Northumbria Police confirmed that a 46-year-old man and 39-year-old woman had been arrested in the Bristol area on 24 June ‘in connection with an ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Sunderland mother Natalie Bracht and her five daughters”.

A spokesman said: ‘Following the arrest of these two individuals, the Bracht family were traced to the Yeovil area of Somerset where the focus of the investigation has now fallen.

Detective Chief Inspector Roger Ford of Northumbria Police said: ‘Our number-one priority is the safe return of Natalie’s daughters, who are aged between four and 13.

‘There are interim care orders in place in regard to all five of them, meaning that their local authority and not Natalie should be looking after them.”

Gosling said he later agreed to tell the police what he knew. ‘My advice to any journalist in this situation is just do the interview and don’t find out where the interviewee lives.”

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