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Mindy McAdams: Post-grads are a waste of time

Mindy McAdams takes no prisoners with her post on the true value of post-grad courses.

I’m an under-grad, and I don’t think I’ll be doing a masters. But what do you think? Here’s some of what Mindy had to say…

“Salary-wise, that master’s degree will make absolutely no difference in any journalism job. In fact, the other 24-year-olds will be making more money than you – yes, you, the dolt who stayed in school for two extra years.”


“If you want to be a lawyer, heck, sure, get out of here and go to law school. But if you want to DO JOURNALISM as your career, your calling, your mission in life – then GO GET A JOB. The sooner, the better.”

Read the rest here, if you dare.



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