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Middle-age sex aid is a bitter pill to swallow

What has come over Amanda Platell since she joined the Daily Mail almost four years ago? She used to be such a feisty, fun-loving lassie.

Responding last week to news that scientists have invented a new male libido pill that perks up both sex drive and emotional desire, Platell seems depressed.

‘For women in middle age,’writes the middle-aged Aussie, ‘the prospect… is little short of terrifying.”
She concludes: ‘The ideal that so many of us aspire to is of life-long happiness, walking off into the sunset, hand in wrinkled hand… But it comes with love. It does not come in a pill or out of a bottle. And no amount of rump presenting or tongue flicking will convince us otherwise.”

This is a very different from the Platell of old.

In August 2004, she told readers of her Gym Mistress column in The Times that her first night with boyfriend Giorgio had left her ‘a little disappointed’because ‘he couldn’t maintain an erection”.

But Giorgio made amends and delivered the goods, as it were. She explains: ‘Let’s just say, in modern parlance, he is a generous lover and performed a certain sex act in a very satisfactory way.”



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