Mercury nostalgia supplement axed to beef up paper - Press Gazette

Mercury nostalgia supplement axed to beef up paper

The Leicester Mercury has axed its monthly nostalgic supplement and will be redirecting resources from it to the daily newspaper..

The Leicestershire Chronicle was produced by the Mercury’s features team, but editor Nick Carter told Press Gazette it wasn’t selling enough to justify its existence.

He said: ‘It was taking up far too much of my talented features department’s time to justify the 6-7000 sales a month, when we’ve got a newspaper selling 70,000 a day. We’ve been able to bring those features talents back into the main paper.”

Carter said that the time spent on the monthly supplement – which was shortlisted for supplement of the year at the Press Gazette Regional Press Awards – although divided amongst staff, was adding up to one full time journalist.

He said: ‘As a result I can now launch two new weekly pages in the Leicester Mercury – an environmental page called The Big Green Switch and a family page. It will also allow us to get a much stronger features presence in the daily newspaper.”

The Mercury has a daily nostalgia page, which Carter said might have been one of the obstacles that stood in the way of the Leicester Chronicle being a success.